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Hello my friend !. I am writing to you as an attempt on my anguish and my desperate struggle for a better world. I'm Brazilian, I live in Brazil. I am a writer, composer of blues, guitarist, masters in Performing Arts, with several courses in the area of ​​boiconstruction and permaculture. Here in Brazil the authorities are destroying all the natural beauty of the country. Rivers forests, polluting the sea ending with beautiful places such as Trancoso-Bahia place that you know. Violence among young people has reached absurd numbers, dying more than the war between Israel and Palestine or the war in Syria. It seems absurd but it is not. I'm developing a music work and a book with the same theme. Destined to break the status quo and information on the environmental salvation of my country and the planet. The work will be produced in Portuguese-English. Around here the people who run the country in both artistic and political areas are worried about money and nothing more .. My facebook is Édipo Vargas, my personal email is I am writing to all the people and institutions that are involved in the cause of the environment, because I need the financial resources to be able to record and edit the book. If you are interested in my country, the youth of my country who die every day without Know what is important for a dignified life in the natural beauty of Brazil, please get in touch with me. Thank you in advance. ! (Édio Vargas)
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Édio Vargas
Édio Vargas

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